Shoot Videos Like a Pro On Your Android Device

We all like to shoot videos and photos on our smartphone. Now a days smartphones are enough capable to shoot even movies. Because of that we always carry our smartphone instead of a camera. All flagship phones are having high end cameras. It has many other features as well.

But id you are using a smartphone and you use the stock camera application, then I would say you are not utilising your camera completely. Because most of the stock camera On a smartphone is not giving its user those options which some other third party apps offers. So if you want to use your smartphone camera like a pro you need to have some third party applications.


Here I’m introducing a camera application called Bacon Camera. It offers many features that are not offering by your stock camera application. This application is the first application that supports manual controls for those devices that doesn’t support Google’s Camera2 API. Once you use this application you will realise, how power full is your camera. You will realise, it’s just awesome like a DSLR

Here I’m mentioning some manual control features that offers by Bacon Camera Full Manual Focus, Full Manual White Balance, Full Manual Exposure Compensation, Semi-Manual ISO speed, Full Manual Exposure Time*, Bayer RAW and DNG support. Apart from this this application has much more features and specialties. Just download and try this app.

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