Instaflash Pro

We all wish to enhance our photos. Now a days all smartphone comes with perfect camera. But still we need some apps to enhance our photos. Today I’m introducing a perfect photo editor which will enhance your photo experience. Applications name is Instaflash Pro

Here I mentioned som major features of this application.

  1. Shadows,
  2. Highlights,
  3. Light EQ,
  4. Tone EQ,
  5. Color EQ,
  6. Split Toning,
  7. Fill Light,
  8. Soft Light,
  9. Clarity,
  10. Vignette,
  11. Focus,
  12. Noise Removal,
  13. White Balance, and more.

By using this application you can simulate depth of field like an SLR or in another way, tilt-shift lens using the focus tool. You can fine tune your photo’s ltone,lighting, and color with equalizer controls. You can increase Clarity and soften photos without losing edge sharpness or enhances details. You can also enhance without over-sharpening edges. You can tune skin color as well.

Apart from this, this application has many other features as well. If you are an iOS user, you should download and try at least once.

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