How to Connect with to Any WiFi without password and How to extend Your WiFi Range from Your Phone Itself.

We all are using smartphone or PC right? Most probably you are reading this on your smartphone. Without internet using a smartphone is foolish, I would say. Here in this video I’m going to tell you a cool way to have Internet on your smartphone. I’m going to say about an application called Anyfi. By using this app you can have free wifi and extend your WiFi coverage if you are facing deficiency.

Below I would like to mention “How to use this application”. Please read till end.

1. Pleas run the Anyfi app on a device that is already connected to WiFi which has internet connection.

2. Then run the Anyfi app on another device or devices which is not connected to any WiFi. But you have to Make sure that WiFi is enabled on these devices (Airplane mode is fine).

3. Then you will see that; this devices are get connected.

Here I will tell you How this works.

This application Anyfi will share WiFi connections between all devices. So that even devices are out-of-range, they can connect. All the devices automatically connects to closest hotspots created by other devices and other users. Then it will share its own connection with others to create a WiFi mesh network of smartphones.

Requirement For this Connction

This application Anyfi only runs when the WiFi is on and the device all ready granted VPN permission. If you want to see that this is working, you will at least 2 or more devices connected to the network.


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