Google Drive

All of us are having Smart phones right? We are always trying to have more Internal space it. Some of us are having 32 Gb phone. Some Of having 64GB as well. But there are some people around us who are still having 16 GB only as internal memory. Anyway we all want to keep your phone memory as less as possible. But whenever we think that, we need some more space on our device, we will buy an SD Card and we will insert into the phone.

But do you think it is Good always? This memory cards can slow sometimes your phone. Apart from that, these cards can get corrupted. Sometimes our phone get lost or stolen. That time will loose all our datas. To avoid this kind of situation we can save our files somewhere online securely. Concept of google Google drive came from that. Apart from that this data can be accessible from anywhere.


Google drive is a service that providing by Tech giant Google. In google drive, you can save your almost every kind of datas like, Video, music, images etc. it will stay there until you delete those file from cloud. You can always upload datas from your smartphone, computer or tablet. Only thing is that, you should be connected to the internet.

To use Google Drive you need to have a Google ID which means a Gmail ID after that you can go to are you can download Google Drive application for the web if you are using a computer and if you’re in mobile you can Download Google Drive application for Your smart phone. After you download the application simply sign in. Once you successfully signed in You can see that interface just like a Windows Explorer from there you can create new folders you can add your images as well as any kind of files.

Those files which you already uploaded to the Google Drive can be accessed from all around the Globe. Go to Google Drive from any devices which have Internet and that can browse through the webpages then sign with your ID you can see those files there is one from there you can download those files that specific device and you can use ask you where in your home. Apart from this you can create a shareable length of each files on your Google Drive and Send it to your friends then they can access that files from anywhere in the world Which means if you use Google Drive for your personal purpose you can make your life very easy


If you use Google Drive with the Gmail ID you can have maximum 15 GB of free memory in it if you want a further memory you will need to purchase for some additional memory but the normal case a normal person can use that 15 GB very well. But if you make multiple accounts for you then you then you can have a multiples of 15 GB of Google Drive.

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