How TO Watch Live TV On Android For Free

We all like to watch TV programs right? After we all have smartphone, we would like to do everything on it. We are playing games, using as a wallet and so on. Watching videos and playing music on smartphone are became part of our life. Right now we have high speed internet, which opens unlimited possibilities on our smartphone.

On these days everyone are using YouTube. Android operating system plays a major role in it. After YouTube became a habit for us, we all wish to watch movies on our smartphone. And finally we want to watch live TV also.

There are several live TV application on Android and iOS. But most of them are paid. Some of them are not very good. Some will work only with the support of some specific application. But there are still some applications which are providing majority of TV channels for free. These applications also totally free.

Today I’m going to introduce a new live TV application which will work on iOS and Android. On iOS we can enjoy many Malayalam channels and sports channels. But that is not the case in android. On Android we have wide variety of TV channels from major language of India. Apart from that it also have sports channels.

After sports channels, this application also have some other major features. Which are Live Radio, breaking news, old movies, TV shows, news papers, music downloader, file downloader, dictionary. I hope this Android application will help you so much.

In this time, I want to mention on thing about its iOS application. This application is still in beta version. Because of that, there are some bugs. But don’t worry, these apps are really safe.

As it is a live TV application, it is not available in appstore and playstote. On the top of this article you can see a YouTube video. From that video, you can easily learn, how to install this application on your devices. Inthe bottom of this page, I added download links to download this application.

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